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Born and raised in Texas, which will always be my home. I am a mother of 6 U.S Citizens, 2 I have not seen since my husbands departure from the states in December of 2006. My life came to a crashing halt when I left the states. I only left because I had faith in my government and the legal immigration system. That faith was undoubtedly shaken when I realized my husband could not apply to return for a minimum of five years for missing an asylum hearing it is known as the 6B ban. Although our five years is more than up, we have had to struggle with the large amounts of fees that are incurred along with this process, not just for applications but for required paperwork and evidence along each step of the way. Every day that passes is harder on me. I face discrimination for being an American woman, as have my children in school. I just want to bring my family home where we belong. My husband is a good man and a loving father, yet I have to prove that I need him to live with me in the States and why I can no longer live in Bolivia. I have been very unhappy with our situation for an extremely long time, the question is, how long until I finally crack? Everyone thinks that if you marry a citizen you get your green card, unfortunately that is not how it works. Also, we can be denied, it is a discretionary system that is destroying lives of American families like mine.

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